We are pleased to announce the launch of the MY AMCHAM CARES program.

The program seeks to raise awareness of CSR and corporate citizenship and to recognize AMCHAM Members that demonstrate best practices in creating long-term economic and social value.

MY AMCHAM CARES is not a competition. On the contrary, the program will provide a basis to benchmark CSR programs, engage with other key stakeholders in CSR, and to share best practices to develop sustainable programs for the future.

To be eligible to participate in the MY AMCHAM CARES program, applicants must:
● Be a member of AMCHAM Malaysia
● Have implemented a CSR/corporate citizenship activity or program for at least one year
● Be willing to share information with other AMCHAM members
● Complete a simple online application form and survey

Members who had previously participated in our online previous short CSR survey are still invited to complete this online application

In order to ensure benchmarking is accurate there will be two categories of surveys:
● Organizations with fewer than 100 employees in Malaysia
● Organizations with 100 or more employees in Malaysia.

The questionnaire will assess a number of program criteria including attention to both business objectives and societal needs, connectedness with Malaysia, engagement of stakeholders, etc.

To participate in the MY AMCHAM CARES program or if you have questions about the MY AMCHAM CARES program, please email us at