Benefits of AMCHAM Membership

Access To The Malaysian Government And The U.S. Embassy

AMCHAM advocates for the success of its members as well as provides a powerful platform for lobbying the needs of American businesses within Malaysia. Our activities provide access to top business leaders, government officials, and other senior decision makers in Malaysia and the United States, which allows our members to have firsthand information on Malaysia’s ever-changing business environment, ultimately promoting their success within Malaysia.

Representation In High-Level Dialogues

AMCHAM is an advocate for its members’ interests, representing them at dialogues with the Malaysian and U.S. governments, through industry position papers, and in conjunction with other business organizations.

Excellent Networking Opportunities

AMCHAM is ideally positioned to help members increase their business contacts through informative briefings, industry roundtables, and other networking events. These events provide networking opportunities for our members to ensure the success of their business by building long term contacts within Malaysia.

AMCHAM’s Website

Our website offers opportunities for members to profile their companies to the other members as well as the wider public. It incorporates the latest developments and issues pertaining to the economy and business matters. The AMCHAM website also showcases the latest upcoming events as well as CSR programs by U.S. companies based in Malaysia.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR lies at the heart of every American company. AMCHAM strives to provide a platform by which we can amplify the work done by U.S. corporations operating in Malaysia, so that the impact they have on the community that surrounds them, is adequately recognized and celebrated. AMCHAM also seeks to share best practices so that we can deepen the impact of these efforts.

Business Briefings

AMCHAM members offer exclusive and confidential business briefings for potential investors looking to Malaysia as the preferred destination to expand or relocate their business.

Active Industry Committees

AMCHAM’s committees act as forums for members to discuss common issues. They also provide a platform for members to engage in dialogues with government officials on matters relating directly to their industries.