AMCHAM Spotlight Session

The Spotlight Session offers a unique opportunity for companies to introduce products, services, and inspiring information to AMCHAM’s sophisticated audiences. By addressing a small but intensive audience, the Spotlight Session is an ideal environment for high-impact involvement and direct interaction.

They are tailor-made opportunities to help you to reach the AMCHAM membership of approximately 1,500 members and 6,000 non-members. We charge a minimal fee starting at RM5,000 for a 2-hour program for members and RM10,000 for non-members.

Let us know your topic and speaker, and AMCHAM will help:

● Distribute eDM to almost 1,500 members and over 6,000 non-members
● Circulate & display your marketing materials during the session
● Social media promotion
● Digital branding in AMCHAM’s events networking area (on-screen banner ad placement)

Interested? Please email us at [email protected]