Young Enterprise Program 2018 (YE)

The 2018 YE Program kicked off with the Advisors Workshop hosted by GE at their office, attended by 20 teachers and corporate sponsors. It was a good time for all teachers and corporate sponsors to catch-up and strategize on ways of getting the best out of their students. This year the program comprises of 30-40 students from each YE Student Company and all 10 schools is adopted by a Corporate Sponsor each.

This year we developed a YE Student Workbook for the students which offers a more comprehensive approach of educating the students on managing their own company. Following the Advisors workshop, was the Achievers Workshop which was held at Universiti Tun Abdul Razak. Students who held director positions in their company had to attend this workshop. It was a great learning experience as we got corporate leaders from various companies to share their real-life experiences with the students. They were Mr.Stuart Dean- Chairman of JA Malaysia, Datuk Tim Tariq Garland – Director of JA Malaysia & Governor of AMCHAM, Cik Ainul Khalidah Idura- Manager, Human Resource Department, IACT College, Mr.Thevendran – General Manager of Operations Management & Head of Logistics, Fuji Xerox, Mohd. Taufiq – Commercial Finance Manager, General Electric, Mr. Koay Tze Siang – General Manager, Dell Malaysia, Lee Hsin Ye – GE Engine Services, Malaysia, Finance Manager and Thilip Kumar – GE Engine Services Malaysia, Process Engineer. Furthermore, this was followed by the Production Workshop which was held at SMK Taman Sri Muda.

At this workshop, students learnt about the processes involved in creating an efficient production line. The most recent workshop was the Finance workshop which was organised by Ernst & Young. This was an interesting workshop as students learnt the many concepts of Finance and how their company can maintain good financial health. The Program has been gaining steam over the last couple of months, as students are raising funds and creating and producing their own products at school. Once students have their product, they will attend one last workshop which is the Marketing Workshop. At this workshop, the students will learn new ways to market their company and their products as they look forward to the Annual Sales Fair in July. We at JA Malaysia, look on with optimism to see some exciting products from the students.