Xylem Water Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. – Initiatives Towards Responsible Consumption and Production

At Xylem  Water Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, we embrace responsible consumption and production. At our office in Shah Alam, consumable items at the pantry are mostly sourced from reliable producers who embrace the reuse, recycle and sustainable products such as Tesco Malaysia where most of their in-house brand consumable such as Tesco sugar, Tesco tea bag, Tesco, Tesco disinfectant wipes. Food waste at our pantry such as coffee beans from our coffee machine is collected and by the end of the week used as a compost material for our plants in our office surrounding area.

We also practice sustainable living at the workplace whereby regular plogging activities are carried out around our office surrounding area. Employees will gather at the office as early as 8.30am to start collecting rubbish around our office area and the compound area outside of our office. This will help ensure that litter and rubbish does not end up in our drains which in turn clogs up the surrounding areas leading to unwanted flooding.