Workshop: How to Lead and Influence Without Authority

Leadership skills and social influence are becoming some of the most sought-after qualities in the 2020s. Adding to that is the challenge of communicating without coming off as overconfident or brash, especially for introverts.

Today, 2 December, AMCHAM held a virtual workshop on how to lead in influence without authority. The second entry as part of AMCHAM’s Women’s Week, brought together two trainers – Angela Cheung, Managing Director of APV, and Treena Nairne, Director of Dashpoint Management to conduct the workshop.

Both trainers shared some useful and practical tips about how to network, present, and find unique ways of communicating. They also provided ques and tips on what to observe and what memorable methods can be used to be effective in networking, even for introverted personalities.

Thanks Angela and Treena for making this session fun, lively and interactive for the audience.