Work and Travel Visa Briefing

The COVID-19 pandemic and the many lockdowns imposed have brought many disruptions to business, jobs, travel, and immigration. With all the restrictions in place, many are still trying to identify ways to navigate through the challenges of bringing and retaining expatriates and skilled workers in Malaysia.

Today, AMCHAM held a Work and Travel Visa Briefing featuring speakers from the U.S. Visa Services Department, PERKESO, and MYXpats. Tree Mangione, Deputy Consul General from the U.S. Visa Services Department kicked things off with updates from the U.S. Embassy side and covered the technicalities to the Non-Immigrant Visa currently in place. Gayathri Vadivel, Head of Employment Services Department at Social Security Organisation  (SOCSO) provided updates on advertising vacancies on the MYFutureJobs platform. She went through the different exemptions, key areas on the portal, and incentives. Sabihah Ahamad, Head of Operations at Malaysia Expatriate Services Centre Sdn. Bhd. talked about the current processes and applications made via the ESD as well as the MYEntry system for applicants wanting to enter/exit Malaysia.

Thank you to all the presenters for being with us to update our members.  A special thank you to MYXpats for collaborating and supporting this briefing.

If you’re a member and you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]