Western Digital’s CSR Activity – Hunger Relief

Hunger Relief has always been one of the most important goals for Western Digital worldwide when it comes to our global giving and doing initiative. For the past 3 years our employees across the globe never fail to come together and pack meals for the cause. As for the end of 2019, a total of exceeding 6 million meals had been packed and distributed across the globe. In 2019, the Malaysian employees of Western Digital had packed and distributed 294 000 meals as part of our contribution the world.

Our main partners, Rise Against Hunger (RAH) and Latet are formidable forces fighting hunger in the world. Rah is a global hunger relief organization who has worked with the planet’s most vulnerable communities for the last 20 years. Setting their sights on alleviating hunger by 2030, their multi-faceted approach does not just alleviate the immediate need for food, but addresses the core issues that prevent communities from rising above the hunger crisis. We work closely with them as we acknowledge that their fight is what we need to support to end world’s hunger.

We are looking to carry out more events as to help out in achieving world sustainability goals.