VIP Luncheon with Dato’ Sri Hj Mustafar Hj Ali, Director General of Immigration Department of Malaysia

The much-anticipated dialogue with the Director General of Immigration Department of Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Hj Mustafar Hj Ali was held over a networking lunch at the Westin Kuala Lumpur. A group of AMCHAM members, in an off-the-record session, had a chance to interact directly with the heads of Immigration’s Expatriate Services Division, Visit, Pass & Permit Division, Policy & Strategic Planning Division, Enforcement, Investigation & Prosecution Division and Foreign Division.

After warm acknowledgements by AMCHAM’s president, Ramzi Toubassy, the DG reiterated the importance of safeguarding sovereignty and security of the nation in all matters regarding immigration.  His presentation outlined many of the measures taken since coming on board in August 2016. Digitalization efforts have been at the forefront of the Department’s current strategy and plans.  The results which has provided for quicker and more efficient online services gave the members the confidence in the services managed by Immigration officials, this mobilization of employees.

A robust Q&A session followed demonstrating how beneficial this dialogue was for the members present, many left satisfied or had arranged for a follow up meeting for further action with the relevant officials.

AMCHAM would like to thank the Director General and his officers for their ongoing support and we look forward to continuing the dialogue and the effective working relationship between the Chamber and the Immigration Department.