Venture Electronics Services (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

– At Venture, we believe in a relentless pursuit of excellence in creating impactful long-term value for all stakeholders

The Venture Group’s sustainability/ CSR strategy and approach are driven by our strong commitment to create impactful long-term value for all stakeholders. For over three decades, Venture has built its industry leadership on a foundation of strong corporate governance and integrity. The Group aims to be resource efficient in all of its operations, to play its part in reducing its carbon footprint and conserving finite environmental resources. On the social front, Venture is committed fully develop the potential of its employees and creating a positive impact on the communities it operates in.

Venture has been operating in Malaysia for over 30 years, contributing significantly to the local economy in terms of job creation, upskilling and developing a skilled local workforce, as well as other positive contributions to the local community.

At Venture, giving back to the community and creating a positive social impact are top of mind. Various community initiatives such as fund-raising drives and donations to the less fortunate are just some examples. In 2021, we donated oxygen ventilator machines to the Penang General Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic when many hospitals ran into shortages.  In addition, through the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, we also donated relief supplies to 100 families affected by the floods at Segamat and Muar in Johor Bahru.

Creating change starts from within. We have measures put in place to ensure we do not lose sight of our sustainability goals and are accountable for the veracity of our initiatives.

A relentless pursuit of excellence in creating impactful long-term value for all stakeholders.

ICU oxygen ventilator machines donated to Penang General Hospital


Raising funds to purchase supplies for the residents at Man Fut Tong Nursing Home