Vaccines And Preparing For The “Future Normal” Of Work

By Brian Sim, Managing Director and Country Head, PERSOLKELLY Malaysia.

It is hard to fathom just how much businesses have transformed in the span of 1 year. COVID-19 brought with is a sleugh of challenges, but it could also be seen as a litmus test for organisations to respond to emergency situations (in Malaysia, the Movement Control Orders or “MCO”). Technology played a pivotal role in facilitating the transformation process of organisations, across all sectors – as remote work became the new normal.

Today, the main focus for almost every person and organisation is the vaccine. For many, it symbolizes hope and a return to normal, though there are also many who are more conservative in their views about the vaccine. Either way, both sides want the same thing – to protect their wellbeing and return to the status quo before COVID-19.

But is a return to the status quo even possible?

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