US Tax and CARES Update for US Citizens and Green Card Holders in Malaysia

Malaysia remains a popular destination for expats around the world. However, the tax laws and the way in which it functions can be quite confusing. For an American expatriate living in Malaysia, what exactly goes into filing US expat (and Malaysian) taxes?

On 8 May, 2020, AMCHAM in collaboration with Moores Rowland Tax Consultants had a webinar on U.S. Taxes and updates on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act for U.S. Citizens and Green Card Holders in Malaysia. Speaker for this session was Derren Joseph EA, Partner at HTJ Tax (“Advanced American Tax”) a member of Moores Rowland Asia Pacific.

This session gave an overview on both the nature of the taxes as well as its recent changes and additions such as the CARES Act for U.S citizens in Malaysia. A wide range of areas was covered from how/who to file the taxes, to U.S owners of SMEs, Malaysian investors in U.S assets, along with advice on best practices. Overall, a complicated subject in general, but was made easier by the speaker.