Uncle Joe Wants You! Opportunities for ASEAN Businesses in the Biden Era

What’s in store for ASEAN under the new Biden administration? On 28 January, AMCHAM’s CEO Siobhan Das was invited as one of the panelists on Astro AWANI |LINC’s discussion on the subject of Opportunities for ASEAN Businesses in the Biden Era.

AMCHAM’s CEO was joined by a group of panelists to provide insight into what the future holds for the ASEAN region. Panelists include Ambassador Michael W. Michalak, Senior Vice President and Regional Managing Director, US-ASEAN Business Council, Alex Capri, Senior Fellow and Lecturer of Business School, National University of Singapore and Elina Noor, Director, Political-Security Affairs, Asia Society and the session was moderated by Rizal Zulkapli, Editor of Astro AWANI.

This session addressed areas pertaining to the state of ASEAN and the approach that the U.S. might adopt in the months to come, the impact of trade, the handling of the US-China relationship, global supply chains, digital trade and the role that ASEAN will play in the next few years. 

Special thanks to Astro AWANI for inviting our CEO to be a panelist.

Watch the session here