The Use of Technology Can Reduce Bureaucracy

AMCHAM welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement this morning on a revised approach to reducing bureaucracy and administrative issues as an important part of Malaysia’s economic recovery.

The clarity in policy, rules, and regulations, the streamlining of procedures, and faster government decision making, regardless of the pandemic, are crucial aspects in securing foreign investments. It not only increases efficiency but it will lower the cost of doing business and the speed by which innovation and growth can occur.

The Malaysian government can use this impetus to update and increase the use of technology which could further reduce redundancies, increase alignment across ministries, and drive greater efficiency into government systems. Productivity for both government and businesses would be greatly enhanced. Coupled with strong institutional health, successful transformation of the bureaucratic processes within the government would support Malaysia as a hub for global and regional businesses and aid in the country’s growing relevance in the global supply chain.

We look forward to seeing Malaysia’s continued rise in the indices that track “the ease of doing business” and the narrowing of the operational gaps as this effort takes shape.

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