The Top 100 Companies With The Best CSR Reputation

Corporate citizenship and responsible business practices are some of the hallmarks of U.S. corporate culture and are firmly embedded in the activities of American companies across all countries in which they are located. Global CR RepTrak 100 is a global survey that rates multinational companies while accounting for their corporate social responsibility (CSR) reputation. During January and February 2019, the study collected the opinion of 230,000 people from the general public across the 15 biggest economies. What are the companies with the best CSR reputation? Let’s take a look

At the Chamber, MY AMCHAM CARES, is a mutual learning platform for member companies that aims to encourage the proliferation of impactful and sustainable corporate citizenship programs throughout Malaysia.

Designed to celebrate and support our members we started in 2016 by sharing our members’ successful CSR campaigns. In 2017 and 2018, we included a benchmarking effort to assess ‘how’ our members planned and implemented their initiatives using an annual survey and, in turn, recognizing their excellence.  We are very pleased with how far the program has come since then and AMCHAM is proud to play its part in advancing the field of corporate citizenship.

Our survey tabulates responses based on the following criteria – Strategy, Sustainability, Measurability, and Communication. The survey questions are constructed to assess on business objectives and societal needs, stakeholder involvement, methods for evaluating the impact including KPIs and ROIs, internal and external communication, incorporation of sustainability in the program and partners and employees’ participation.

If you have not participated previously,  we will be sending the survey to all members in July. Join us in 2019 and see how your efforts stack up in these four areas.  Please contact Kevin Roch at [email protected] or Elaine Wong at [email protected]