The Need for Speed – Why Smarter Architecture is the Solution to Business Agility

Being digital or not is no longer an option – it is a given. Where business leaders need to put their focus is how fast they want their business to realise the value of new innovations, of new digital investments. It’s about being able to do digital at speed.

‘Gradual’ and ‘steady’ are fading fast from digital transformation rhetoric. Speed has become the crucial factor to business performance, the dividing line between businesses that thrive, and those who fall behind.

It wears many hats in conversations with enterprise leaders in today’s digital businesses, with three types of speed. The first relates to the pace of software delivery; the second is the critical lead time a new product takes to reach the market and generate revenue; the third, and particular relevant in the past year, is associated with agility –  adapting and delivering in response to changing customer expectations powered by data-driven capabilities.

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