The International School of KL – Teachers Teaching Teachers

– Changing Lives Through Education –

Every other Saturday during the academic year ISKL teachers from each division, representing every subject, can be found off campus at a refugee learning center in Ampang Point.  Collectively, they spend the morning sharing their knowledge and skills with a group of dedicated, motivated, and inspirational teachers who teach refugee students at centers across Kuala Lumpur. “Teachers Teaching Teachers” is a homegrown idea started and run by current and former ISKL teachers.  

The Saturday morning workshops cover a range of topics from traditional core subjects such as English, math, science, and humanities through to design thinking, movement, music, and counseling. ISKL teachers also share their expertise and experience about how to build a classroom community, differentiate learning programs and create lesson plans. The workshops are designed to give the teachers practical ideas which can easily be implemented back in the classroom.

Teachers Teaching Teachers highlights the power of affecting positive change in the local community. All those who are involved in the workshops, whether teaching or being taught, are united in their support of a generation of students on a learning journey which will hopefully lead to a more empowered future.