The Importance of Measurability

In the afternoon of Tuesday, May 7th, AMCHAM held a workshop on the Importance of Measurability with a primary focus on Economic Social Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The session was conducted by Chitra Hepburn, one of Asia’s leading voices in ESG. With the rise of ESG being a core component for investors and shareholders, the factors in regards to measurement had come into question.

Measurability is a vital aspect of how programs, especially in Corporate Citizenship, are assessed and nurtured. This workshop covered the areas of ESG that are measured within the CSR context.

It was a learning session on how the function CSR should be handled in the current age. Members were put into groups and shared their experiences in handling CSR, then determining if that CSR activity fulfilled the ESG criteria. This was accompanied by ideas on how to improve their CSR programs.

As for the segment on Metrics, the general outline was detailed in the program, but the full ‘step-by-step’ guide on application and calculation of the ESG measurement would require a follow-up event organized in the near future.

AMCHAM would like to thank our Corporate Citizenship Committee members & AMCHAM members for their participation.