The Future of Cloud Security by McAfee

“The Key to Digital Transformation is Data Insight & Protection”

Cloud services have already become a core component of many businesses. When combined with mobility and speed, the results are fantastic. But along with the capabilities and convenience, comes the issue of security. These were some of the topics covered in this program at AMCHAM on October 24th, 2019.

A closed-door briefing was organized with a special presentation by Johnathan Anderson, Senior Director, Marketing & Products, Asia Pacific & Japan of McAfee. His presentation brought insight into the role and importance of Cloud services and also the security-based issues that had come into play because of it.

Attendees got to learn more about the nature of the security functions, problems and how to better secure the Cloud and mobile data. Mr. Anderson also covered the direction cybersecurity is heading towards, the initiatives that are being taken, and how to make Cloud the most trusted component for the business environment.