Through tough times is when you discover true friends and in 2020 we are fortunate to count Siobhan and AmCham team as our true friend. AMCHAM via Siobhan’s leadership have made the difference for us in handling this unprecedented and unfortunate year. Providing regular updates, arranging calls to share best practices and made collective decision as one single voice for the industry. Extending beyond the regular role and scope, team AMCHAM did not let time, resources or bureaucracies stop you from protecting and supporting us, your team members. This leadership in AMCHAM is a role model for all in terms of managing crisis, keep calm and with clear objective in mind which is the welfare of the industry and it’s team members. My sincere respect and admiration in everything that you do and my only wish is that I can contribute more. All the best in 2021 and keep going AMCHAM.