Technology Policy Priorities for U.S. and Malaysia

On 4 February, AMCHAM’s Malaysian American Electronics Industry (MAEI) Committee organized a briefing and discussion session with the U.S.-based Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

Speakers for this session were John Neuffer, President of the Semiconductor Industry Association and Siobhan Das, CEO, AMCHAM. John provided insight on the state of the semiconductor industry, U.S. top priorities under the new Biden administration, and the anticipated approach it will take towards the semiconductor industry in the coming months. Siobhan provided an overview on the state of the semiconductor manufacturing landscape in Malaysia as well as the current key issues for U.S. businesses in Malaysia.

Following the briefings, attendees from the MAEI group of companies had the opportunity to ask questions to both speakers on the subject matter. Special thanks to John Neuffer for coming on board for this member-exclusive session. We look forward to hosting more of these sessions in the future.