Talent Management in Today’s Digital Age

Talent Management in Today’s Digital Age took place on May 19, 2017 in Penang with 16 members from the E&E industry and services sector as well in attendance. Bridget Beattie, Group Executive Vice President Asia Pacific Middle East of Right Management (a Manpower Group) kicked start the program by speaking on leadership challenges faced by businesses today. With references made through a survey by 400 global business leaders sharing their perspective on the challenges faced by their industry. The key ingredients needed by a leader is agility, future looking, listening & communication, empathy, innovation & inspiration.

Based on the survey results, Right management’s point of view was to develop leaders within the organization and ensuring they can operate successfully in uncertain and dynamic markets. The way forward is to develop talent-focused skills such as unleash talent, accelerate performance and dare-to-lead. Bridget ended her presentation by sharing a quick learnability test called Learnability Quotient (LQ) and it’s an indication of an individual’s / talent’s learning type looking at 3 measuring to defining as Leaders.

The second session was by Ms Ang Weina, Executive Director, Global Employer Services of Deloitte who addressed on the current trend of working. Digital mega-trends, includes cyber, data, cloud, social and mobile. A multi-generational workforce including millennials and first-generation digital citizens. HR needs to be more pre-emptive to digital transformation as it plays an important role in shaping the organization’s digital identity. If the workforce is to change, the workplace needs to change too The three main areas that HR needs to acquire or strengthen its role in and that are directly related to the success of the digital transformation journey, are Embracing the digital talent lifecycle and Empowering digital leadership. The session ended with Q&A from the floor from members sharing best practices.