Sustainability at Celestica

For the last 10 years, sustainability has been integrated into everything we do. At Celestica, we understand we have a role to play in improving our world and protecting the planet. Through our sustainability initiatives, we collaborate with each other, as well as our customers and suppliers, to drive positive change both within our company and in our communities. Our sustainability strategy focuses on four key pillars: our communities, our planet, our products and services, and our people.

In the area of communities, we leverage our collective expertise and resources to drive positive change. We also establish partnerships in the communities in which we operate, and empower our employees to volunteer. In 2019, our global employees volunteered 26,700 working hours to help their local communities.

The Celestica team from Kulim, Malaysia, is proud to contribute to the Rumah Amal Kulim, a community learning center that caters to the special needs of disabled students and children. The team started engaging the center in 2016 and continues to do so today.  To enhance the facilities of the center and to facilitate learning, an outdoor rest area and a multimedia room were built. The Celestica team also organized fun activities such as birthday parties, drawing competitions and handicraft workshops. Currently, they are in the midst of setting up a nursery room for children under the age of four.

Positive change does not happen overnight, but by drawing on the efforts of our employees, we are creating solutions that are greater than the sum of our individual ideas, activities and initiatives. The Celestica team looks forward to making a positive impact for many years to come.