Sunway Medical Centre Sdn. Bhd.

– Sunway Medical Centre continues to uphold quality patientcentric care while serving the needs of its community

Sunway Medical Centre has always been active to be the ally in supporting the community ever since its beginning back in 1999,particularly in the health area. Sunway Medical Centre is one of the private hospitals that is well recognised in its voluntary work in providing manpower, complimentary space for Covid-19 Vaccination for the public. Besides that, it is always natural as a healthcare entity, there are lots of preventive measures activities that was done on almost weekly or monthly basis which includes FREE Consultation by our relevant Consultants, FREE Onsite Basic Health Screenings and plenty of Complimentary Health Talks delivered by many of our consultants throughout the year during Wellness Events conducted for the public. On top of that, Sunway Medical employees has always active in many of our blood donation drive done every year and recently, 300 blood bags was donated to National Blood Centre.