STMicroelectronics Sdn Bhd – Stabilizing Power Supply Within The Community

As one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies delivering intelligent and energy-efficient products and solutions, STMicroelectronics Muar is driven by its CSR strategy and takes into account the social impact in the way it operates as a business. With monthly huge consumption of electricity, this creates imbalance power distribution in Muar district and affects future development of the area in the long run.

On July 2019, the Company launched the 132kV Substation Project, a very strategic investment which resulted in business sustainability and other benefits to the Company as well as surrounding communities. Since completion, the site enjoy cost saving for about USD1Million per year.  The site can grow further and plan for production expansion with power availability increase from 24 megawatt to 29 megawatt and to capitalize on existing empty floor space of about 7,000m2 and other new future buildings with reliable power sources.

With more reliable power sources, it will also reduce the potential of Interruption-To-Production (ITP) and improve power distribution system. The substation is being protected and equipped with blast wall, sound attenuation and electro-magnetic force (EMF) level verification ensuring safe and healthy operational condition.

Most importantly, the project allow local utility provider utilizing the previous power supply setup used by STMicroelectronics for future development of Muar district. With the expansion of production areas, local communities will benefit from high employment opportunities thus increasing incomes and expenditures in the economy stimulating the country’s growth.