Share With Us Your CSR Story

Please provide us with any press release you may have on your CSR initiative(s). If you do not have a press release or other prepared material, we would be grateful if you could give us the following information:

Short write up. Approximately words 250. Suggested points to include (does not need to follow this order)

● Introduction to your CSR initiative(s).
● Title of initiative (if any)
● Areas the CSR initiative is targeting (such as waste reduction, education, social justice, equal pay). If you are able to
provide the area targeted as one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, please do.
● What are the objectives of the CSR initiative(s)
● Target beneficiaries/stakeholders (can be internal beneficiaries such as staff or operations and/or external beneficiaries
such as rural students)
● Outcomes in 2018, achievements under the CSR initiative (measured achievements are preferred) (ex-funds distributed,
number of hours volunteered, electricity saved)

● 3 to 4 Photographs
● Showing action or capturing the spirit of the CSR initiative
● Showing stakeholders/ beneficiaries, and where possible, your own staff involved in the effort
● JPG format, a minimum size of 1 MB per photo (but no larger than 10 MB) and a resolution of approximately 300

Internet links:
Please provide the following links, so that we can share these links to allow people to find out more information on your organisation’s CSR initiatives:

Website link on CSR (perhaps you have a page(s) specifically dedicated to your CSR work):

Website link to sustainability report (if your company produces one and makes it available
to the public):

Any links to share regarding your organisation’s CSR: