Requirements For International Travellers Entering Into Malaysia

Effective 1st June 2020, all international travelers to Malaysia are required to:

1. Sign a Letter of Undertaking & Indemnity (LoU) as attached:

2. Obtain Approval to Entry Letter from Malaysia Consulate / Embassy in the foreign country by submitting the completed LoU & other additional documents (pls refer to next slide for details) through email at least 3 days before departure date.

3. The following documents need to be brought along throughout the travel journey.

  • Approval of Entry Letter from Malaysia Consulate/ Embassy 
  • Valid travelling document (passport / visa)Completed LoU

4. Below is a Checklist of documents needed TO Obtain  approval to entry letter. In the event that country does not have a Malaysian Embassy, then the recommendation is to reach out to the Malaysian Embassy in the nearest country. (Example: for Costa Rica, the nearest Malaysian Embassy would be in Mexico) 

**provide following details:Name, passport number, EP type and details, location (country) and purpose / reason to travel back

5. Below are guidelines for the procedures on the entry process: