Reputation Risk – Preparation, Mitigation And Management with Jean-Michel Dumont

AMCHAM was delighted to host John Michel Dumont, Head of International Strategy of Ruder Finn on the 23rd of February 2018 for a talk on Reputation Risk-Preparation, Mitigation & Management. The event started off with opening remarks from Siobhan Das, Executive Director at AMCHAM which was followed by the keynote presentation from our distinguished speaker.

Jean shared extensively on examples of recent Global Crisis’, linking the crisis which arose from business mistakes which resulted in global outrage. He also shared some intriguing figures based on studies that were conducted. One of which was it takes 1 hour for crisis to spread throughout the world, however an astounding 21 hours for companies to issue a meaningful external response. Jean also proceeded to share on how businesses can be more prepared for crisis

The event was then followed by a Q&A session which afforded members and guests the opportunity to present their queries pertaining to risk management. AMCHAM would like to thank Jean Michel for taking the time to share his stellar knowledge.