Remote Control – Paradigm Shift of Remote Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic and continued lockdowns bring unprecedented challenges to people and businesses around the world. The impact of the pandemic is likely to remain for years to come. Since the world of work may never be the same again, it is imperative for organizations to adapt and fine-tune its operations in order to thrive in the new normal.

On 17 July 2020, AMCHAM held a webinar titled ‘Remote Control – Paradigm Shift of Remote Workforce’, the first official entry of AMCHAM’s Tomorrow Series of webinars on steps and measures for companies to undertake today for a better tomorrow.

Christopher Choong, Malaysia Product Specialist from Dell Technologies brought insight into how Dell was able to transition 120,000 employees worldwide from working at the office to home. His presentation placed emphasis on Physical, Culture, and Technology shifts as well as steps taken to ensure productivity.

Sam Haggag, Country Manager, ManpowerGroup discussed the paradigm shifts brought about by the lockdowns, how the employment lifecycle has transformed, and what the basic talent expectations of today are. He also shared some of ManpowerGroup’s initiatives in maintaining a culture of mutual trust and care as those become vital in a crisis, especially where communications have to be done remotely.

Overall, the first of AMCHAM’s Tomorrow Series was a success as attendees gained knowledge of what adjustments ought to be made for a smooth transitioning into the new normal of work and what to keep a lookout for. Look forward to more entries of this series!