Privileges for those Fully-Vaccinated in Malaysia – Is this a form of Discrimination?

In recent months, the government’s effort in ramping up the vaccination rate has been achieved with commendable success. The Malaysian government has then announced for the relaxation of SOPs after taking into account the positive development that more than 50 per cent of adult population in the country have been fully vaccinated. It is hoped that the unveiling of the relaxation of restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals can help to revitalize the business sector.

The government’s relaxation of SOPs essentially provides differentiated treatment or privileges for the fully-vaccinated people to go to the malls, enjoy restaurant dine-ins and attend prayers at houses of worship. Some retail operators have allowed only fully vaccinated people to enter their premises to kick-start the retail industry. Such policies may be effective in persuading at least some unvaccinated people to get the jabs, but they also attracted criticism and controversies, including potential law suits against the government for discrimination.

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