Breakfast Briefing: Principal Hub with InvestKL

Greater Kuala Lumpur is already a known business and regional management hub for many large multinationals. Sitting right at the heart of ASEAN, Greater KL offers multinationals the opportunity for market access; global connectivity; high-skilled talent; competitive cost and an investor-friendly business climate.

All these factors and Malaysia taking the chair of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 make Greater KL a compelling and competitive location for the region’s Principal Hub activities. Greater KL’s value proposition as a Principal Hub location is cler when compared with other Asian cities because of its central location – providing businesses a launch pad across the region, cost advantage, talent availability, infrastructure and dynamic business ecosystems.

Many MNCs in various sectors these days establish Principal Hubs to minimize replicating models and improve quality and speed at a lower cost. By centralizing the regional and global business and operations, MNCs are able to better manager their P&L, control, and support key functions such as risk management, decision making, strategic business activities, trading, finance, operations management and human resource.

There are many benefits a Principal Hub can deliver including opportunities for consolidation, resource and services sharing, cost optimization and tax and financial advantages for MNCs.

To find out more, join InvestKL in partnership with AMCHAM and PwC for this informative semiar with focus on the following toopics:

i) PwC will be discussing on the concept and benefits of Principal Hub
ii) InvestKL will be discussing on the incentives implemented as well as answering why Greater KL is a prime and suitable location as a Principal Hub.

Speakers line-up:
i) PwC: Jagdev Singh – Senior Executive Director
ii) InvestKL: Daniel Teng – Senior Director Strategy, Advistory & Services