Preparing Your Organisation to Return to Operations Safely

The world continues to be shaped by the Covid-19 epidemic, businesses continue to face unprecedented challenges. Countries in Asia are beginning to experience domestic de-escalation and governments are gradually lifting restrictions for business operations to resume. On 3 June 2020, AMCHAM held a webinar on preparing an organization for returning to operations, especially with the possibility that the ‘new normal’ becomes a permanent normal.

For this session, medical and security experts from International SOS – Dr Greg Jakubowski, Regional Medical DirectorDr Chan Yanjun, Medical Director and Aditya LuthraSecurity Director were brought together. This webinar covered where Malaysia is currently with the epidemic, what to consider when reopening business operations including the planning and crisis management system,  as well as, doing a ‘COVID-19 Audit’ and staying safe. Also covered were the security issues that can be expected to be seen in the coming months and the following year such as travel restrictions, social unrest, and more. Various case studies of effective practices were presented to the attendees.