Post Election Briefing: What Do The Results Mean For Malaysia?

On 14 May, at our Member’s Briefing, we had the opportunity to hear from Hazree Mohd Turee, Managing Director of Bower Group Asia Malaysia, Leslie Lopez, Regional Correspondent of The Straits Times of Singapore and Nat Turner, Economic Counselor of the U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur for their perspectives on the  results of Malaysia’s General Election along with thoughts around the impact on businesses and the economic landscape as a whole.

Questions raised about what to expect in the next 100 days, the appointment of the Ministers so far, and what signals businesses are watching for that will inform them of the future investment landscape.

We’d like to thank all our panelists and members for their vibrant contribution this afternoon. As mentioned by Siobhan Das, Executive Director of AMCHAM, we’ll be hosting similar meetings to provide as much information to members as possible while using the opportunity also hear from our members as we form start to reach out to the new government.  

If you were not able to attend these Member Only sessions, please check you are receiving our notices and if you are not, please contact Kevin Roch at [email protected]  Member Briefings are for registered AMCHAM members only, and make sure you are getting your notices.