Philip Morris (Malaysia)

– With various NGOs, PMM is working to install systematic infrastructure that will alleviate cellulose acetate, fine paper and ash residue from being littered in the environment and water sources.

In PMM, sustainability and CSR is more than just minimizing negative externalities, but it is also about long-term value creation together with innovation and growth. Our business impact is more than just what our business does and what we are looking to achieve. We need to consider the impact on societies and the environment. For example we’ve partnered with Reef Check Malaysia to install around 200 cigarette butt canisters to collect cigarette litter. This is just the beginning. I am sure that this is a positive step forward in our sustainability efforts as this results in significant amounts of cellulose acetate, fine paper, and smoke residue averted from the environment and water sources.

We are pleased to announce that PMM has recently launched its first Sustainability Report 2021 – Delivering A Smoke-Free Future. This report shows how much Malaysia has leaped forward under our sustainability and CSR umbrella, and I am extremely proud of the progress we have made thus far. While we have come a long way in just a few years, there’s still plenty of work that we should be doing in order to reach our end goals of developing better alternatives for adult smokers, accelerating the decline of smoking, and making cigarettes obsolete.