Pfizer (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

• >155,550 Malaysians screened

• 1070 Pfizer employee volunteers across Malaysia (1999-2019)

• >760 locations

• >80 partners

Pfizer Care-A-Van has been crisscrossing Malaysia for the last 20 years, offering medical accessibility to the less privileged communities. Conceived in 1998 and launched in August 1999 to coincide with Pfizer’s 150th and Pfizer Malaysia’s 35th anniversary respectively, it was the first big scale venture in Malaysia by any pharmaceutical firm. Pfizer Malaysia provides monetary and human resources to fill unmet medical needs of those living in semi-urban and rural areas nationwide.

Endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, and assisted by physicians and employee volunteers from Pfizer, the blue and white van goes out on mission every two weeks to provide free health screening and health talks on disease prevention and management. From the deepest forest reserves of Malaysian aborigine settlements to the heart of Kuala Lumpur where the urban poor reside, Care-A-Van travels throughout Malaysia to raise the health literacy of all Malaysians.

Pfizer Care-A-Van gave our colleagues a platform to be exposed to real-life cases and to give back to the community. To-date the Pfizer Care-A-Van has recruited more than 1000 employees to volunteer for the program, visited more than 760 locations and screened more than 155,000 Malaysians.