Pfizer (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

– Powering Community Outreach Campaign with key partners impacting > 2 million people via digit

Leading the charge to achieve the objectives outlined by the Malaysian Government under the 2020-2030 National Health Agenda, Pfizer stands at the vanguard by promoting various CSR projects throughout 2022, involving partnerships with government organizations, NGOs, PAGs, tele-health associations and various other societies.

Whilst maintaining the 24-year Heritage Community Outreach Project, R.E.A.C.H (Rendering Education and Action for Community Health), Pfizer embarked on the H.E.R.OES 1.0 and 2.0 Projects in partnership with University Malaya Community Engagement Centre (UMCARES) where they successfully impacted nearly 1,000 secondary school students on the effects of bullying, the importance of safeguarding mental health and introducing anti-smoking Generation End Game. These initiatives revealed that youths are more inclined to prioritize their mental health when given access to such information, thus reducing stigma and taboo.

The B40 Urban Community Resilient Project saw Pfizer enriching its outreach program to pilot a community development program for the urban poor through the new partnership with University for Society (U4S) consisting of UMCARES, International Islamic University Malaysia and University Technology MARA. Each program held under the project demonstrated different objectives, —e.g., tackling women’s mental health issues, exposing youths to potential career pathways and overall community economic sustenance.

Moving forward, Pfizer expands its newly CSR Core Activity, CAC (Clean, Act Fast, Care) stemming from Disease Awareness Campaigns and Hand Hygiene Stations. The ACT FAST & RED CAMPAIGN featuring Malaysian Red Crescent Society is currently ongoing nationwide to tackle the disproportionate vaccination rate and increase community awareness by urging everyone to #ACTFAST should symptoms develop. The current digital based U4S Mental Health and Rare Disease Awareness Campaign can reach 1.6 million people, whereas the National Youth Council collaboration on ‘Youth Without Smoking’ is able to reach 2 million people.

Building the pathway to a better future for the less fortunate brings great satisfaction and joy for all involved. Pfizer hopes to continue its efforts in carrying out the responsibility as a key player in the health industry by reaching out to all segments of society, and further cementing our commitment towards the nation’s development.