Pfizer (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

– Sustainable and Impactful to Communities –

As a member of today’s rapidly changing global community, Pfizer Inc adapts to the evolving needs of society and contribute to the overall health and wellness of our world. We are building partnerships in communities throughout the world to strengthen health systems, increase access to our medicines, and find sustainable solutions to the health challenges of today and tomorrow.

In Malaysia, since our inception in 1964, we have been giving back to communities through various initiatives focus on health education and patient support such as Care-A-Van, Hope Program, Mencare, SWAT and Pfizer Malaysia Health Fellows among others with partner agencies.

Our most notable and sustainable initiative is CARE-A-VAN, a free mobile health screening which was launched in 1998 with endorsement from Ministry of Health. It remains one of the country’s longest serving community project by a multinational company. CARE-A-VAN has been crisscrossing Malaysia for the last 20 years, giving free screening and improving health literacy of rural and underserved communities. To date CARE-A-VAN has screened more than 180,000 Malaysians with approximately 1,700 volunteers devoting more than 35,000 hours across 800 locations.

True to one of our corporate values – COMMUNITY, we encourage active volunteerism. Launched in 2009, Pfizer Malaysia Health Fellow is a program whereby Pfizerians provide direct health assistance to underserved communities in East Malaysia. Annually selected, volunteers travel to remote villages and live with communities to carry out health mission. So far, 12 missions were carried out with total of 82 Health Fellows serving in 49 rural locations.

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