Penang Roundtable with U.S. Ambassador, HE Brian McFeeters

AMCHAM kicked start our Monday with a virtual meeting between Brian McFeeters, the U.S Ambassador to Malaysia, and the AMCHAM Penang members. Traditionally, the U.S. Ambassador will make a trip to Penang, spend a day or two visiting the U.S. companies and their facilities, unfortunately, with the current pandemic, a virtual meeting was the next best option.

It was an excellent opportunity for the members to meet the Ambassador and also to discuss issues that have risen due to the current lockdown which has been lengthened further.

Members appreciated the platform to raise their concerns and we hope this is the first to many more meetings in the coming months. Thank you to our members and the U.S. Embassy team for making this meeting happen and thank you to our new Board Member, Dave Mitchell from BSCI for chairing this meeting!