OIS Launch Week Challenges Students to Create ‘A City of the Future’

The school year began with Launch Week as OIS students were challenged to consider the problems facing cities today and to thoughtfully design a “City of the Future” that would directly address one of these problems. Each one of the secondary classes took their designs and built model cities that showed how they were attempting to solve the problems that cities are facing.

Some seventh-grade students designed a city that addressed air pollution by using electric vehicles in an easily walkable city. Tenth grade students addressed homelessness by providing cheap and clean accommodation with access to job training centers.

OIS Launch Week is part of the Service Learning Program. The OIS Service Learning Program exists to create an ever-growing community of global leaders who enact positive change through experiential learning and intentional service. OIS aims to produce culturally competent, outside-the-box thinkers who are excited and equipped to “positively impact the school, community, nation, and world,” and we believe that a dynamic, integrated, K-12 service-learning program is essential in helping us reach these learner outcomes.