Nominations for the 2021 AmChams of Asia Pacific Chair Election

In accordance with Article 21 of the AmChams of Asia Pacific (AAP) constitution, Chair Steven Chan appointed the following chambers to serve on the Nominating Committee for the 2021 AAP Chair election: AmCham India, AmCham Indonesia, AmCham Japan, AmCham Korea, AmCham Malaysia, AmCham Okinawa, and AmCham South China. The committee appointed Joseph Dowd from AmCham Okinawa to serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee.

Call for Nominations for AAP Chair

[ACTION] Based on the information below, please use to advise/screen qualified potential Candidates expressing interest within your Chamber:

All full AAP members may submit nominations for the 2021 AAP Chair. The Chair election will take place at the board meeting on Thursday, February 25 and announced during the upcoming Business Summit in Singapore in March.

Nominees must be a representative of an AAP member chamber, and must be willing and able to devote the necessary time to support AAP activities. He/she also must be willing to pay for their own expenses related to AAP activities and travel.

Basic duties/requirements for the AAP Chair include, but not limited to:

  • Lead and represent AAP during the annual Washington Doorknock;
  • Work with member Chambers and help promote US business throughout the region;
  • Preside as Chair over scheduled/unscheduled meetings as required and outlined in the AAP Constitution;
  • Conduct him/herself according to the AAP Constitution.

Please consider this opportunity and send any nominations to the Nominating Committee Chair, Joseph Dowd at [email protected] no later than Monday, February 8. The nominating committee will then review and consider the list before reporting to the full AAP board.

The AmChams of Asia Pacific is a strong network of professionals within an extremely diverse industry pool spanning our region. Selection of our Chair to help lead our group as we navigate priorities is critical to our collective success. The details outlined below bring clarity to the rules and process outlined in the AAP Constitution for the election process by highlighting standard acceptable practices. In addition, they are a key part of taking positive steps to ensure we have the best possible election and results.

The below outlined points are offered to help ensure the aforementioned is achieved to the greatest extent possible. The AmChams of Asia Pacific deserves nothing less:

  • A Candidate for AAP Chair is disqualified from nominating another Candidate
  • Maximum of (1) qualified Candidate may be nominated per member Chamber, nominated by that Chamber’s leadership
  • Electioneering is strongly discouraged and must be limited to maintain absolute fairness for all Candidates.  Such activities are absolutely prohibited on the day of the election.  Intimidation, tampering and/or harassment shall not be allowed.
  • Election times shall be fixed with defined start/stop (open/close) times.  Member Chambers shall cast their vote during the fixed times only.
  • Once a member Chamber casts their vote, their vote is final.  Changes or modifications to that vote shall not be permitted.
  • As a current Chairman is not part of the nomination or election process, he/she should remain neutral in all discussions.  Additionally, he/she must refrain from recommending or endorsing a Candidate.

In light of the continued necessity for virtual meetings, elections and otherwise, the upcoming election will be similar to last year’s election.

Provisions will be made for all Candidates to present themselves prior to the vote by video conference (see note below). This is a last opportunity for Candidates to present themselves and their vision to the voting member Chambers.  (The order of presentation will be alphabetically)

Below is an estimated timeline for the upcoming weeks. Every effort will be made to follow that dates as outlined, but there will always be inherent flexibility.

  • Jan 21 – Nominating Committee Kick-off Meeting accomplished
  • Jan 26 – Nominating Committee 2nd meeting accomplished
  • Jan 28 – Election notifications/invitation for Candidates sent to AAP member Chambers by Secretariat
  • Feb 8 – Deadline for Chair nominations/applications.  Candidate bio/CV due to Nominating Committee for submission/distribution
  • Feb 10 – Final slate of candidates and bio/CV distributed to AAP member Chambers
  • Feb 25 – Board Election – FIXED (Candidates will be afforded up to a 3-minute presentation to member Chambers)

NOTE: An optional self-made video presentation may be used by candidates and made available to AAP member Chambers (5-minute max). This video will be voluntary.