Nolato Malaysia

– We Care, We Share.

Social responsibilities is something that we at Nolato take very seriously and it is a key part of our business model. The groundwork for Nolato social sustainability work is in our Code of Conduct, and it helps us to put our principles into practice. Over our 12 years in Malaysia, Nolato has worked with various organisations to realise our sustainable priorities, essentially our key initiatives to support the communities where we live and work.

Our Initiatives in Malaysia

  • Education

We are activity partnership with local Science Center to promote Science, Technology and Engineering such as in the sponsorship of Tech Dome Penang for a series of Science Workshop to the students and also set up the exhibition booth with Faraday cage, to show the effects of electromagnetic shielding (EMI) with portable devices.

We are supporting the local government for the Penang e-Learning PC Program by sponsorship the laptops to enable students from underprivileged families attending online learning and ensure they are not left out of the digital transformation.

  • Pandemic Covid-19

In response to the pandemic, we supported two Covid-19 designed hospitals in Penang state by donating the surgical face masks, AirSpiral Tube, Nasal Cannula, Ripple Bed and medical refrigerator for ICU care use. We donated laptops for helping the set up PPV center in Penang, to support the government vaccination program for achieving herd immunity among communities. We continue to work with our non-profit and NGO partners to implement various project around health, education and environment. Our employees have consistently volunteered their time and energy for the benefits of our local communities.