Naeem Shahab Khan

Naeem Shahab Khan, the Managing Director of Philip Morris Malaysia (PMM) is committed to the continued realization of the growing importance that AMCHAM has on the economic transition that Malaysia is undergoing. As a reputable organization among government and the business circles, Naeem’s diverse experience and numerous evidences of innovation will bring value to AMCHAM’s continued influence. AMCHAM was pivotal in voicing concerns of member companies during the pandemic and will continue to be crucial as Malaysia moves into the endemic phase and economic recovery. Statistically, it is the multinational companies that exist in chambers like AMCHAM who provide continued employment for Malaysians, even as they stay and work from home. This is important in the new normal that exists. Naeem’s experience working abroad, and his grounded understanding of how Malaysia operates best, provides him with a better understanding that the strength of any organization, is the inclusion of all its members.

Naeem brings with him more than 24 years of experience in corporate, business, and commercial management activities across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East region. In the last 3 years, Naeem has been instrumental in driving the transformation agenda of Philip Morris Malaysia. Smoke Free Malaysia is a north star which require an organizational transformation, external stakeholder management and an industry thought leadership which is extensively driven by him.

Naeem is also Chairman of the Confederation of Malaysian Tobacco Manufacturers (CMTM) and by virtue of his position, a key stakeholder in strategic policy development from an industry perspective.  Prior to joining PMM, Naeem was the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of EZbuy Holding LTD in Pakistan, an international e-commerce platform that brings quality products in a convenient way to shoppers globally. Prior to founding EZbuy, Naeem had spent 18 years in Phillips Group of Companies holding several regional management roles, looking after Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa within the consumer electronics department. He was then appointed as Chairman and CEO of Philip Group of Companies in Malaysia. In addition, Naeem has served as a board member in the Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC) for several years.

Naeem is a genuine leader who has a strong organizational focus on developing people. He is known for his ability in accelerating revenue growth in digital, commercial, and healthcare environments. Fundamentally, as our world and Malaysian economy faces a crucial crossroad, Naeem’s proven track record of successfully transforming businesses with innovative approaches makes him a critical member of the Board of Governors in AMCHAM.