MP Chat: In Conversation with YB Hannah Yeoh

As part of AMCHAM’s Women’s Week and in conjunction with AMCHAM’s MP Chat Series, YB Hannah Yeoh joined us for an informative and casual conversation on rising women equality in Malaysia in the working, global, and parental environments.

In this exclusive session, YB Hannah Yeoh, spoke about some of the major factors affecting working women and working parents such as childcare and the need to enhance e-learning. She also spoke about where her inspiration comes from, her role models, and who she turns to for advice. She provided practical and helpful ideas as to how to gain confidence and what should serve as motivation both in work and life.

The first of AMCHAM’s Women’s Week list of programs and the first MP Chat in a long time, it was a successful event with over 100 attendees. It was a very interactive session as attendees were also able to ask questions on topics such as raising children in the current era, preparation for the working environments, role models, and more.