At MetLife, we live our purpose: Always with you, building a more confident future; for all our stakeholders, including, importantly, our communities.

We know the power of giving back to foster strong connections with the communities we serve, and we strive to translate our commitments to economic inclusion, financial health and building resilient communities into real world outcomes for real people.

Over the course of 2022, MetLife in Malaysia has undertaken several such initiatives ranging from environmental activities such as cleaning up the Klang Gate reservoir, partnering with Reef Check to clean Malaysia’s beaches, and planting trees; to employee donations to buy much needed school essentials for orphaned children returning to school. We have also participated in MetLife’s global programs, contributing to marked reductions in water, carbon dioxide emissions, energy, and waste; eating more sustainably; spending more time appreciating the natural world around us; living more mindful and healthy lives; and building prosthetic hands for life-changing impact on adults and children in need.

We are proud of what we have done today to improve our communities in Malaysia, and yet, we recognize this is an ongoing effort, so we look to the future for what we can do tomorrow.