Message from the CEO

Dear Members,

We’re so proud of achieving a new milestone today – AMCHAM’s 100th COVID-19 Outbreak Newsletter.

Whether this is the first one you’re receiving, the hundredth, or somewhere in between, we’re not only glad that you’ve been a part of this ongoing journey with us but we hope that you have found these essential updates useful to your lives and business operations.

These are not easy times for anyone in the world – and as a team that works to build a community that bridges borders and addresses global interests in Malaysia, it’s been a humbling and insightful few months. We can only be thankful for the situation becoming better, and hope for it to improve in places where it has yet to.

One of the main reasons we send out these updates is to be able to connect with you – not just our members, but also others who have a keen interest in the developments of U.S businesses here in Malaysia. Despite being focused on the work our members and teammates do here, our readership has a global reach, united by the guiding tenets of our content and the entire AMCHAM team: timely and relevant content,  mutual effort, dedication, and a fervour to do more than what has already been done.

We hope you enjoy these reads, and keep an eye out for upcoming ones. We will resume our monthly editions of the Chamber newsletter PULSE soon while continuing to provide COVID-19 updates.  The world in which our members work is changing at a quick pace, exponentially even. We only hope to keep up with it, and bring its highlights to you.

We would love to hear from you what this newsletter has meant to you and how they have supported your COVID-19 journey.  Please let us know by sending us a note: [email protected] 

Happy reading, and thank you for supporting AMCHAM.

Yours Truly, Siobhan.