Message for U.S. Citizens in Malaysia December 14, 2021

Passport Fee Change

The passport book security surcharge, one component of U.S. passport fees, is scheduled to increase from $60 to $80 on December 27, 2021.  Please see below for additional information on how this will affect your passport application.

Passport Renewal by Mail

Passport applications submitted via Aramex through our Passport Renewal By Mail Program will be subject to the fee that is in effect on the date that your application is submitted to Aramex.  Passport applications submitted to Aramex on or after December 27, 2021 with fees in the old rate cannot be accepted and will be returned to sender.




Fee prior to December 27, 2021 Fee on or after December 27, 2021
Passport Book USD $110.00

(RM 473.00)

USD $130

(RM 559.00)

Passport Card USD $30.00

(RM 129.00)

USD $30.00

(RM 129.00)


Passport fees must be paid by banker’s cheque (U.S. dollar or Ringgit) made out to ‘U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur’.  Current fees in Ringgit are listed in the table above and are based on the official Consular exchange rate.  Applications that do not include payment by banker’s cheque in the correct amount cannot be accepted and will be returned to sender.  Do not round your fee payment up or down – the banker’s cheque must be in the precise amount listed above.

Aramex delivery service fees must be paid by banker’s cheque made out to ‘Aramex Malaysia Sdn Bhd’.  Aramex fees are listed on our website.

For more information about renewing your U.S. Passport by mail, including eligibility, processing times, and other information, please review the full instructions on our website here.

In Person Passport Appointments

Passport applicants applying in person at the U.S. Embassy on or after December 27 will notice a $20 increase in the overall passport fee, which differs based on the age of the applicant and whether the applicant is eligible to use a DS-11 or DS-82 passport application.  For a full schedule of passport fees, please review our website here:

You may find more information about renewing your passport at the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, including the link to our online appointment system, on our website here:  Please note that appointment availability is based on our staffing and other external factors, and we can only accommodate appointment expedite requests for humanitarian or medical emergencies.


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