Members’ Briefing (December 17, 2020)

On December 17, AMCHAM held its final Members’ Briefing for the year, virtually. Representatives from the U.S. Embassy of Kuala Lumpur included Michael Newbill, Deputy Chief of Mission; Juha Salin, Economic Counsellor; and Dennis Simmons, Commercial Counsellor.

Siobhan Das, CEO of AMCHAM provided an update on what has been going in the Chamber in the last few months, including some of the Chamber’s success stories given the restrictions imposed from dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. She also covered AMCHAM’s initiatives going forward in 2021. Michael Newbill provided an update on the U.S. side, the current developments with the new leadership, its impact on international trade, and the state of deployments of the COVID-19 vaccine both domestically and internationally.

Thank you to all the members who participated in today’s briefing. Here’s looking forward to a brighter year this 2021.