Members’ Briefing

AMCHAM organized its first Members’ Briefing for the year on February 5th with an overwhelming response from members with many new faces. Siobhan Das, Executive Director of AMCHAM began the evening briefing by providing an update of what’s coming up in 2020 at AMCHAM. AMCHAM is happy to announce that we have got an exciting year coming up with some great programs lined up! 

Deputy Chief of Mission, Dean Thompson of the U.S. Embassy of Kuala Lumpur updated members on the current state of business and economic issues impacting business in Malaysia, including the U.S-China trade situation and APEC 2020.

We also had a guest speaker, Mr. David Ng, Managing Director of International SOS, who provided an update on the current situation of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. 

The briefing session ended with a networking session at AMCHAM.