Members’ Briefing

In the afternoon of Tuesday, 14 May, AMCHAM held its Members’ Briefing at the AMCHAM Executive Office. The session started out with the Executive Director, Siobhan Das detailing the recent events at AMCHAM, as well as informing the members of the upcoming events of the coming months and plans to strengthen the CSR segment in AMCHAM.

One of the more notable moments of this session were the departures of Economic Counsellor, Nat Turner and Senior Commercial Counsellor, Catherine Spillman from the U.S. Embassy. Both of them touched on current issues affecting the business world for both local and international such as market barriers and intellectual property rights.

Members were given the opportunity to gain insights on some government-related affairs/news from the U.S Embassy as well as Malaysia. The subject of SST was touched briefly. The event closed with a casual networking session for members to interact with one another.