Members’ Briefing

The final members’ briefing for the year of 2017 was held at Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur on November 28th. Present at the briefing was Dean Thompson, Deputy Chief of Mission from the U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur, AMCHAM Board of Governors and approximately 40 members in attendance.

Siobhan Das, Executive Director of AMCHAM started off the evening with her welcome remarks. During her speech, she provided the members with an update on what the chamber has been working on over the last few months. She also highlighted the great line-up of events that AMCHAM has in store for next year, in particular, the APCAC Business Summit which will take place on 4-5th April 2018.

Following that, Dean Thompson provided an overview of the current business and economic issues impacting business in Malaysia as well as recent visits and activity at the US Embassy. Dean also shared the importance of the U.S Embassy’s commitment to work closely together with AMCHAM and its members in order to create a greater Malaysian environment for the year of 2018.